Infrastructure is one of those things you cannot ignore indefinitely.  It's the unseen that supports the seen; the underneath that provides a foundation for what's on top.  Just as a structure exposed to the elements needs attention and a fresh coat of paint from time to time, so too the foundation. 

It's the first part of anything built, that gets built.  The roots go down, the plant grows up, sends out shoots, blossoms, and sows seeds in empty spaces and barren places. 

I watched the world around me draw into itself during the heat and punishing drouth of last summer.  Wide swaths of brown invaded the hillsides when the trees sacrificed a season of green to sustain their lifeblood deep underground.  Lawns and meadows turned to brittle, yellow straw to protect their tangled mats of veins and arteries beneath parched and hardened soil.  While life still pulsed in subterranean seclusion, it's best not to withhold water and nourishment for too long, or it starts skipping beats.

The rains came back this year and so did the green; a season for roots to replenish and restore; a time for seed long dormant, to burst into song.


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