Keys unlock many things; doors, secret places, boxes of memories hidden away.  Some keys are real, others as intangible as a key to the human heart.  But they all open something, unlock a mystery, or allow us to pass through to another place.  

I have a favorite set of keys, very old, but very reliable.  They open doors to melodies waiting to be found . . . I never travel without them, or my guitar. They go with me to where the music is and help me bring it back. Sometimes they just keep me company even if I have neglected them for a time.  I save this set of keys for myself mostly.  I am a collector of strings and things that harness the wind, or shake, rattle and vibrate to make music; these accompany me when I share my music with the world.  

But the keys I take with me when I travel late into the night, are like the ones in my parents' house that first unlocked the place where music lives.



Mokasiya August 12, 2010 @08:12 am

The keys you speak about, such mystical musings that opens pathways of sound connecting nerve fiber of soul. an old key in my father's keeping, reminds me to open my heart. Mokasiya 2010

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