I work the night shift.  No matter how hard I try to become a herald of the sunrise, reality demands that I remain a creature of the night; that time between midnight and dawn when daytime cares that deluge my muse retreat into the shadows to reveal the work in front of me.

Night HarpThe swirl of words and notes in my head wait for a quiet space in the pool of night.  They demand my complete attention; not content to be retrieved among the flotsam and jetsam in the eddies of daylight where they taunt me, just out of reach.  If I ignore their demands for too long, they creep into my dreams as tidal waves, looming like mountains on the horizon until they race to the shore and crash over me.  I navigate by the stars, see by moonlight, and float in the calm of night. 

At times I've become a stranger in the work a day world.  I have to remind myself to rejoin it now and then after laboring too long in the deep of night.  "Gee!  Where have you been?"  "Haven't seen you for a while!"  Do I tell them where I have been, or let them wait for the song?  Do I explain why I'll do lunch, but rarely an early morning breakfast, or, do I let the music speak for itself?  I'll wait for the song - then they will understand.

But . . .  I seldom set sail alone.



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