When we built our house many moons ago, we thought air conditioning was one of those little luxuries we could do without.  We installed an attic fan the size of an airplane prop to draw the hot air up and out, and the cool air in every night.  This, coupled with the fact that our home is nestled comfortably on top of a wooded hill, gave us confidence that we were prepared to handle the few hot, steamy days a typical Wisconsin summer might throw at us.

We have managed to weather 20 summers with nothing more than the shade trees, our attic fan and a few of it's smaller cousins whirring away into the night; but this summer has been the game changer. After trying to deal with indoor temperatures hovering between 80 and 90 degrees, and humidity levels vying for top honors, we finally caved.  We have one of those handy digital weather stations that gives both indoor and outdoor readings. It has a little icon that smiles when the humidity levels are comfortable, and frowns when they are intolerable. It has been unhappy for weeks now.  It was downright forlorn the other night when the indoor reading hit 90% and I was certain it would start raining from the ceiling. Even our cats were sprawled on the floor in motionless, feline misery.  Since living in a sauna wasn't what we had in mind when we bravely sacrificed summer cooling to spare our wallet all those years ago; we broke down in a soggy, sweaty heap and called our local climate control specialist.  

It was like having The Lone Ranger come charging over the hill to deliver us from a drippy demise. Three days later we felt the first waves of relief work their way through the house.  The B-52 in the attic rafters is silent now.  Our bath towels dry on their own, and our 'cool cats,' have resumed their nighttime romps down the hallways. Our days of languish and lethargy are but a distant memory, and we have rediscovered the oven. Guess that means I'll have to start cooking again.

We did escape to Door County for a week in July... land of Lake Michigan breezes and cherry margaritas . . . summer coolers!       


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