I cling to summer like a child to a favorite toy.  Had I been born in late spring with all of summer ahead of me, perhaps it would be easier to spend those days freely, as though the supply were endless.  But having come in the waning days of summer, I savor each one before they slide inevitably into autumn. 

The remnants of summer that inhabit September are its parting gift, the promise of return.  It’s as if the cobalt skies, impossibly bright sun, and final burst of wildflowers want to remind us that there is a reward for making it through the coming seasons of diminished days, and cold.

Late summer takes a deep breath, and so must we.



(Summer Song)

My song is fire to banish the frost,

That warms marrow and bone.

For the fruit of Spring's sweet labor,

Belongs to Summer alone.


I come with a cloak of sunlight,

My breath a zephyr's ease,

A dome of azure above me,

At my feet a carpet of green.


My meadows bloom a palette,

The stokes of a painter's brush,

Bits of rainbow loosed from the sky,

To praise the song of the thrush.


I move thru trees with a whisper,

Stirring their leaves as I pass,

And sometimes my voice is thunder,

My laughter the lightning's flash.


My twilight glow will linger,

At the edge of a midsummer night,

Arrayed all in ebony velvet,

With jewels of moon and starlight.


I beckon thru door and window,

For my fleeting song does not last.

Time enough for work and slumber,

When winter comes to pass.

Diane Michaels
Hafgan Medeni (My Welsh Pseudonym)
Summer Song/ Born in September
© August 29, 2014


Mary Jo September 06, 2014 @07:38 am

Oh Diane, You saw into my soul....how beautiful... I loved your lyrics. I'll need to get your CD. Thanks so much for sharing.

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