Now that the Holiday bustle is past, I finally have a chance to make a diary entry about my December 16 show for the Baraboo Lion's Club. The greatest Christmas gift I was given this year was to have the rare opportunity to play this show with my daughter, Carmen. She had just returned home from graduate school in Ontario, to spend the Holidays with us. She had hardly unpacked before we managed to squeeze in a little practice to get our timing back. Her violin is more beautiful every time I hear her play. All of her schooling and hard work is well worth it, but I realize how much I miss the other half of our duo when she is gone.  Sharing music and performing with your child is a gift. We slipped back into all the old harmonies pretty easily; the violin and harp are magic for Christmas songs.

Another new twist for the evening was having the opportunity to sing a duet with my friend Gary. He suggested that we might try, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside,' so we gave it a whirl and had a great time with the song. Gary also plays bass, so my guitar had some company, too!

The evening was topped off by a last minute visit from my friends from the North Pole, Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They had dropped in when I played in Waterloo the week before, and were able to squeeze me into their hectic Holiday schedule at the last minute. The audience said it was the 'icing on the cake.'

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