What a difference a month can make!  I was really happy to have received a return invitation to play for the Sauk County Shamrock Club's annual Christmas party.  It was originally scheduled for December 12, 2010.  As the day drew closer, it became more and more evident that the weather was completely unwilling to cooperate.  The snow began falling on Saturday, and by Sunday morning, we were in the middle of a full blown blizzard.

It was later decided to postpone the event until January 9, and it was worth the wait.  The sun was shining, and the roads were clear, so the party went off without a hitch.  The Fore Season's Restaurant is part of the Baraboo Country Club.  There is an entire wall of windows that overlook the hills around Devil's Lake State Park . . . what a beautiful setting.


I had to redo the original program I had planned leading up to Christmas.  I approached it as a 'Holiday in the past tense' theme.  I wrote another version of the standard, "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,"that was about the blizzard that almost postponed Christmas.  Everyone got a chuckle out of it.  I found a bunch of new Irish Limericks to put between songs, and added some traditional Irish tunes since Christmas is past, and St. Patrick's Day is not far away. 


One of the things I enjoy about my job is when people have questions about the instruments I play, or come up and share their experiences with music.  It's a pleasure to be able to give people the opportunity to strum the harp, or offer suggestions to help them with instruments they are trying to learn on their own.

Playing Christmas medley

People really enjoyed the Christmas Medley that is usually the anchor for my Holiday Shows.  It's about 10 minutes of traditional carols accompanied by the harp.


I also sang a version of 'Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella' with the Irish Whistle and Mountain Dulcimer, and, 'Venite Adoramus,' with a very simple banjo accompaniment.  The program was a lot of fun to perform, and the audience thanked me with a standing ovation!  A wonderful compliment for a performer.  Before the show, a man came up to me and wondered if I could accompany him while he sang 'Danny Boy,' at the end of the party.  We found his key on the guitar, but he was even happier when we were able to make it work with the harp.  Many thanks to the members of the Shamrock Club, and the folks at Fore Seasons Restaurant for their time and hospitality.

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