August 3 was hot and steamy . . . the perfect day for a program about water!  My newest children's program, "The H2O Show," was created for the South Central Library System's 2010 summer reading program theme, "Make A Splash, Read!"  When I began building the program, I was pleasantly surprised to find there were already a lot of songs and stories in my working repertoire that were related to water.  Then I found two books tucked away in my music library that really breathed life into to whole project.  Woody Guthrie's, "Woody's 20 Grow Big Songs," and Malvina Reynolds', "Little Boxes And Other Handmade Songs," are a treasure trove with many 'water songs' for children.  Jean Ritchie, another of my favorite songwriters was also well represented with her song, "See That Rainbow Shine."  It's such a cheery little tune, especially with a folk harp accompaniment.

The last time I played at the Black Earth Library may have been in the 1990's . . . long time ago!  It was a pleasure to be back  again.  About 70 children, parents and staff came for the program, so we had great audience participation.  There were a couple of opportunities for some of the children to play along . . . there never seems to be a shortage of volunteers! 
Some of my songs also made the final cut for 'The H2O Show.'  "Rock-A-Bye On The Sea," was an audience favorite because it features both the steel pan and guitar.  Since it's also an audience participation song, we had plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to make a dandy rhythm band!  Some special guests sang back-up for "The Whale Song."  I was able to transfer an old cassette recording of some real whale songs to a CD, and play them through the sound system ... perfect back-up for a song about all the different kinds of whales and the oceans they call home!  

Another first was the opportunity to try out a new sound system in a library program setting.  If you look closely at some of the images in this post, you will see a slender, black tower sitting behind me. That's the speaker for the Bose L1 Model II system.  I finally got tired of lugging around heavy speakers and trying to get them up on stands.  The Bose system is really WONDERFUL for small to mid size venues.  The sound is fantastic and it sets up in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.  It's great not having speakers and stands between the audience and me anymore.  The sound doesn't overwhelm people sitting in the front, but yet gives presence and volume to the performer in every corner of the room.

Many thanks to Carolyn for the invitation to play at the Black Earth Public Library, to all the children and parents for coming, and for their enthusiastic participation in the program; to Kirsten and Officer Kartman, for all of the help unloading, and to Michael for taking pictures and video.

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