On December 8 & 9, the first major snowstorm of the season buried us under more than a foot of snow, followed by an Artic blast nipping at the heels of the blizzard. There was a point where I wondered if it would be possible to make my December 10th show down in Waterloo. We dug out on Wednesday after the snow subsided .... no easy task. My husband, Michael, and our Ford 8N tractor were at it until well after dark.

Michael decided to go with me down to Waterloo, and we started out thinking the roads were in pretty good shape until we got within about 15 miles of Waterloo. We had to slow to a crawl over a rough, snow-packed road that was as slippery as a solid sheet of ice in places. Needless to say, we arrived later than I had hoped to set up. A small but brave audience ventured out in the sub-zero wind chills to come to the show.

There were plenty of Chrismas songs to go around, and even though everyone was a little shy about joining in from the start, once they had a chance to thaw out, it didn't take long before people were singing along. The less than ideal travel conditions didn't deter Santa and Mrs. Claus! They arrived in enough time to make a grand entrance toward the end of the show.Santa & Mrs. Claus Some of the children caught a glimpse of those visitors from the North Pole before they entered stage left, and it took a Herculean, kid effort to sit still and wait for the big moment --- but they rose to the challenge and reined in the wiggles. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, was extra special with Santa there to tell the reindeer, "dash away, all;" and Mrs. Claus making the 'prancing and pawing of each little hoof,' come alive on the temple blocks. With Mr. and Mrs. 'C' joining in on vocals and percussion, we finished the show with Rudolph, Silver Bells, White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. They were a busy pair after the show, too, listening to children's Christmas wishes while Michael and I packed up.

Thanks to Amanda at the Waterloo library for all the hospitality. It was a pleasure to see so many smiles heading home on a cold December night!

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