Child's black and white drawing of a swing with a teddy bear on it; a farm yard full of animals; a house, a trees, and a person.Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I put together an album of songs I wrote for my daughter when she was small called, Bears, Bugs, Swings and Things.  The songs (and myself) were still pretty young at the time I recorded them - in other words - they hadn't been honed in front of a live audience for very long; many were still percolating in my head.  The original release was on cassette - yes, cassette.  For those of you too young to remember, music used to come on nifty little reel to reel tapes enclosed in a plastic case not much longer than a credit card; the Paleozoic Era of recorded medium if you will. 

Anyway . . . the tracks on the original recording were ordered differently and included one more song, which ultimately belonged in another genre, so it was left off of this time.  Last summer my Dad decided to resurrect the recording.  He was the recording engineer on the first project.  I think some of the songs may have even been made on a 4-track cassette rig.  This was before I discovered a click track, so the songs have a very organic, but real time feel to them.  Dad dusted them off, re-mastered them, transferred them to digital medium, contacted a friend to reformat the art work, and, Voila`, Bears, Bugs, and Things, has a new life in the 21st Century.

I still perform these songs in concerts today - the lyrics and delivery have changed slightly over the years, but they are still the same songs I wrote and sang for a little girl a long time ago.

Image of Carmen  and Diane for their album cover

Fast forward a couple of decades . . . There are a lot of great tools these days for indie musicians, one of them being Limelight, a company that simplifies the process of obtaining mechanical licenses for cover songs for CDs and digital downloads.  To that end, Carmen's and my recording, Side By Side, (released in 2004, that up until now has only been available as a CD), is now available for digital downloads, too!  Be sure to check out my SHOP page for more details on both recordings.  I'll be adding album notes as the summer progresses.  There's another neat little item available through CD Baby these days - a store icon that allows you to sample as well as purchase individual tracks.  You'll find it on the SHOP page - try it out! 

I'm hoping to re-release one more project before summer's end that was also a cassette in it's former life.  This one is a multi-cultural storytelling project called, The Most Wonderful Gift.  I'll keep you posted.

There's a line from one of my favorite, laugh-out-loud movies, Galaxy Quest, (a hilarious spoof on the Star Trek series; yes, I have to admit I'm a Trek fan, too), where Tim Allen's character calls up to the ship, 'Digitize me!'  In other words, 'Beam me up!'  Now that some of my former analog projects have joined the 21st Century, I hope the screen writers don't mind me borrowing their line.  "Digitize Me!"             

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