It's been a while since I have added anything new to my site. Yikes! Where did the year go? Here we are with the Holiday Season knocking at the door. Time to get those Christmas cards mailed, and see if I remember how to bake cookies. The summer was very hectic. We helped our daughter, Carmen, move up to Ontario in August to begin work on her Master's Degree in violin performance. It's a wonderful opportunity for her, and will give us a good reason to do some travelling in the next two years to take in some concerts and recitals north of the border. It was a bumper year for garden produce as well. We got a lot of sunshine put up in canning jars in the pantry. I've begun collaborating with some musicians to form a back-up group for larger venues, so hopefully we will have a couple of solid sets ready to go sometime early next year. Check out my calendar page for December show dates. Also take a look at the links page for some really interesting new additions. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with family and friends this year. It's one of my favorite holidays ... it's so easy to rush right by it into Christmas. Even in these tough times, there is always something to be thankful for. Make out a 'Things To Be Thankful For List,' along with your Christmas list this year. You might find little gifts you forgot you had. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Diane

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