Even though my performing schedule has been lighter this summer, my work schedule has been packed.  It's construction season on the road and in the office as well.  All the behind-the-scenes work that piles up after a year of creating new programs, performing, and traveling has to be tackled.  So, I've been going through miles of old concert video and audio clips, getting past recording projects reformatted for a digital world, writing new songs, doing some website maintenance, planning a fall coffeehouse tour; and that's just scratching the surface.  All that infrastructure!  In addition, some long-neglected corners of the house and barn have been getting some much needed attention.  So the construction signs are up and the orange traffic cones have been set out.  Even though they are a pain when you're in a hurry, those winding, back road detours slow things down and force you to take the 'road less traveled.'  Who knows what might be waiting around the next bend?


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Diane's new single, an original, finger-style guitar tune, "Afternoon By A Stream," is out now on iTunes!

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