At long last my website is up and running! I look forward to keeping all of you up to date with what's going on in my music world. It's great to have a way to stay in touch with the folks who have supported my performing and recording career over the years. Thanks for stopping by. Check back once in a while for new additions to the site. There is much more to come; look for audio clips and more pictures of my instrument collection. I finally realized that a website is a 'work in progress,' and needed to make the first step of getting it out there into the big wide world of cyberspace. It has been an adventure to go back through the 'archives,' and pull pictures, and material together for this project. During this process I realized I have been doing this crazy, wonderful music thing for a LONG time! Happily, I might add. I hope to have a guestbook page up and running soon, so I'll look forward to hearing from all of you. Enjoy your visit! Peace. Your friend in song, Diane

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New Release

Diane's new single, an original, finger-style guitar tune, "Afternoon By A Stream," is out now on iTunes!

You can also purchase a download directly through CD Baby on Diane's SHOP page.


An image of a young boy wading in a shallow stream surrounded by moss-covered, sandstone cliffs